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Some people leave damage for too long and it can only lead to more complex problems. We are here for you and fully qualified. Let us come to your home and find where the problem is coming from.

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At BJ Hughes Roof Restorations, we can restore your roof to make it look as good as new. We check for future problems and consult with you right the way through as to whether the roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

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Over time the cement beneath ridge and hip caps will crack or break away from its original position. This allows water to enter and create leaks in your home. In order to prevent this from happening re-bedding and re-pointing is required.

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Roof Re-Spraying and Roof Re-Sealing is an effective way to inject life back into your tired looking roof, this improves the overall appearance of your home. Roof Re-Spraying and Roof Re-Sealing will extend the life of your roof.

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A build up of mould, moss, dirt and grime on your roof, can lead to the deterioration of your tiles, along with leaves collecting and beginning to decompose in the gutters. This can leave your roof vulnerable to increased damage from the elements.

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If your roof Valley Irons have rusted out or started leaking we can come and replace them with new Colorbond or even Zinc Valley Irons. We make sure they are sealed and coated to keep unwanted pests and bad weather and give them a longer life. 

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BJ Hughes Contracting has been in business for over 20 Years servicing the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside Suburbs of Melbourne. We specialise in Roof Restoration, Roof Repairs, Re-Bedding, Re-Pointing, Valley Iron Replacements, Re-Spraying and Re-Sealing of Roofs for both Residential and Commercial properties. Sometimes your roof may just need a good old fashioned clean to bring it back to life we also offer this as one of our services. 

Whether you need major or minor work done to your roof, we are the people to call. 

We are fully qualified and insured, and are members of the HIA and Master Builders Association.