Roof Restorations

At BJ Hughes Roof Restorations, we can restore your roof to make it look as good as new. At first we come to your home and inspect the roof to look at what needs to be done. We check for future problems and consult with you right the way through as to whether the roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Often a small problem with your roof can eventually lead to major problem; this can include serious damage to the internal components of your home. Making sure that you get things fixed or restored can extend the life of your roof and prevent any further damage to your most precious assets.

Most importantly we can get your roof back to being one of the centre pieces of your home. Whether it be cleaning, re-bedding, re-pointing, painting, re-spraying or replacing we will give you the best advice and guide you through the process or restoring your roof. We service people all over South Eastern Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and Bayside Suburbs of Melbourne.