Roof Repairs

Has a storm ripped through your area? Is your roof leaking into the internal parts of your home? Give us a call a BJ Hughes Roof Restorations and we can come out and assess any damage and give you the right advice on what needs to be done next. Small leaks can lead to disaster and put both your family and home at risk. It could get into electrical wiring or cause water damage and cause your roof to collapse. Some people leave damage for too long and it can only lead to more complex problems. We are here for you and fully qualified. Let us come to your home and find where the problem is coming from. It could be from broken tiles, cracked or unsealed flashings, cracked cement of beddings or ridge caps. Give us a call today and we will make the time to come and work out what the problem is and guide you through the process. We service people all over South Eastern Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and Bayside Suburbs of Melbourne.